Meet the chef

Restaurant owner and Executive Chef Patron Jaco Reyneke, brings his creative flair, expertise, and passion directly to you. With every dish served at the Red Ruby Restaurant, Chef Jaco pledges to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience.

Chef Jaco obtained his Advanced Culinary Diploma at Olive Chef School in Bloemfontein. Since then, he has worked at many prestigious local and international establishments. Every dish he serves is designed to create a unique experience, and he aims to leave every customer amazed.

The vibe

Our non-smoking and smoking outside dining areas are the perfect place to enjoy the views with an exquisite plate of food, or even just to sit back and have a few cocktails with friends.

Our inside non-smoking dining area offers a more formal dining experience where you can indulge in some of Chef Jaco’s creations.

We further offer an inside non-smoking private dining area which gives a more intimate setting and is perfect for a romantic night out. This area is also well suited for business meetings or private functions since you will not be disturbed.

The vision

Red Ruby Restaurant led by Chef Jaco is a place where you can indulge and experience a unique culinary journey with every dish and bite that we have on offer together with exceptional service from our Service Ambassadors.

Our restaurant has an inside dining area which offers a more formal intimate dining experience, while the outside dining area features spectacular views with amazing sunsets.